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i made a simple synth patch i call brknFLTR. the concept is to be able to modulate the filter cutoff with an audio input. the idea came from when i used to own two FutureRetro Revolution 303 clone synth, which have CV input to modulate, uhm, something, i forget. so i used to chain both Revolutions together to create this dual "ring modulated" grand sequence.

the synth is very simple. (1) oscillator, (1) filter, (1) adsr. the synth sections is sent to it's own mixer. there are (2) input modules sent to a mixer, and that mixer is then sent to the synth section's mixer. i added a distortion effect to one of the inputs because i was feeding it audio from a drum track. the distortion effect has some s&h modulation to the 'rate' parameter. again, since there's some much audio mangling you can do with this patch, i kept the synth section simple because i though adding more controls and parameters would be overkill. but i'll play with it some more and see what i can get away with.

anyway, enough explaining. here's the patch ...
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