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Alexeus Knober BASSAuthor: Alexeus Knober
My modest contribution for this glorious project.
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Analog style drumsAuthor: sweet_trip
I made a few analog style drums. This is just a set of 5 sounds, a kick, a snare, open and closed hats, and a clap. I wouldn't consider them to be finished patches as I'm sure they could use a bit extra work, but they sound good still. I still wanna add toms and rims and claves and zappy sounds, etc.
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Argitoth BankAuthor: Argitoth
 Downloads:1758   Size:0.08MB   Updated:07-02-2008 08:09
ConsonanceAuthor: MadGonzo
Unique trance leads, basses, arps and pads.
    Downloads:1856   Size:0.51MB   Updated:23-02-2009 23:02
Cosmosis Delay BankAuthor: Bill Halsey
Here's a small bank of patches that I created for KarmaFX's excellent delay plugin. It contains some variations on filtered pan delays, l,r,c delays and long feedback type dub delays. Enjoy.
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GonzoAuthor: MadGonzo
Various trance related stuff, and its a work in progress. Some instruments have no decay and will continue forever, so use automation.
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Hi Tech BankAuthor: MOss
7 patches from my bank forpsycore/hi-tech trance..I need some feedback for this
 Downloads:150995099   Size:0.03MB   Updated:04-07-2014 9:50
PsyBassAuthor: KarmaFX
Bass sounds intended for psytrance, typically sounds made using a simple saw with a decaying cutoff and amp envelope. The kicks used in the sound example are from the PsyKick bank.
    Downloads:1807   Size:2.38MB   Updated:24-02-2009 21:38
PsyKickAuthor: KarmaFX
Bank with analog style kicks for psytrance or just trance in general. Having programmed kicks as tuned sine waves, gives great control over key, length, sweep and punch.
    Downloads:1637   Size:0.69MB   Updated:24-02-2009 21:38
Teh Flos BankAuthor: Flos
Here you will find powerful basses, lush pads and nice effects... no samples used! I think you'll like it.
    Downloads:1855   Size:1.42MB   Updated:24-07-2008 21:06
The FallAuthor: MadGonzo
Different theme from consonance which was all about varied detune-ability this time its more about varied variedness without the detune requirement.
    Downloads:1288   Size:0.73MB   Updated:06-08-2009 21:23
TranceAuthor: KarmaFX
Trance leads, supersaws, pads, weird noises, basses and effects.
    Downloads:921   Size:2.98MB   Updated:02-11-2011 22:00
TribunalAuthor: MadGonzo
My highest quality bank so far.
Contains unique and varied instruments mostly related to trance and electronic music.
    Downloads:1105   Size:0.71MB   Updated:14-03-2010 13:35
XenosSoundworksAuthor: XenosSoundworks
32 Quality patches produced by Xenos Soundworks: Trance Leads, Basses, Noises, Dub, House leads and weird noises
 Downloads:899   Size:1.13MB   Updated:02-11-2011 22:01
dj.tuBIG's PatchesAuthor: dj.tuBIG
Bloody beast this synth is, though very heavy on CPU so I've taken some precautions. My presets are made solely for the use of performance and as much control (at a generic scale) as needed. Right now I just have to get used to how things work with this, though bloody hell it's huge.
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